OMCC Incorporated

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OMCC Incorporated

Oceanic Marine & Commodity Communication Inc.

About Us

All existing organizations worldwide are under pressure :

  • To develop new strategies
  • Reviewing their plans, and improving their services.
  • Perform all efforts to meet necessities of presence in the International Market Place.
  • Crude oil and derivatives such as petrochemical products are always in need for industrial purposes.

We as an Import / Export Trading Company are very well known for meeting these goals with a high score of proficiency.

We represent very serious sources and ready to make our assets available to our clients.

Company Background

OMCC was established in 1991 to deal at its initial stage, in supplying marine jumbo tankers & large ocean going vessels with spare parts anywhere around the world, even at high sea with air & sea facilities.

In 1999 the company went to the next stage and since then gone through a process of expansion and internationalization, incorporating an international Trade and Marine division as an additional division of the firm.

The company’s primary aim is to carry out trade dealings and compensation assignments particularly for Canadian companies.

Today, OMCC operates throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East including the Gulf Emirates.